When a Roman Catholic scholar involved in the Dead Sea Scrolls Project discovers a heretical message contained in one of the Scrolls he hides it. Decades later, a prominent archeologist discovers reference to the scroll in an archeological dig. This discovery spurs the world religions into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, in which all who seek the hidden scroll are mysteriously silenced, leaving the salvation of humankind to a father and son, who must either find the hidden scroll … or die trying.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Biblical Significance

The Dead Sea Scrolls contains not only the records and teachings of a particular Jewish community, but also the Bible of that community.

The significance of this part of the discovery cannot be overstated. When a scholar picks up a copy of the Hebrew Bible today, it is based on a text that was copied nearly a thousand years after the Dead Sea Scrolls Community flourished.

hese manuscripts—written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek—represent the oldest known manuscripts of the Hebrew Scriptures, and provide a testament to the accuracy of the Bible.

If we want to study our earliest manuscript evidence for the Hebrew Bible, we must turn to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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