When a Roman Catholic scholar involved in the Dead Sea Scrolls Project discovers a heretical message contained in one of the Scrolls he hides it. Decades later, a prominent archeologist discovers reference to the scroll in an archeological dig. This discovery spurs the world religions into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, in which all who seek the hidden scroll are mysteriously silenced, leaving the salvation of humankind to a father and son, who must either find the hidden scroll … or die trying.

Reader's Review: Excellent Work!

"Dr. Brown has delivered another excellent work in the field of contemporary Islamic literature. Books of this nature are relevant, timely and necessary in view of the increasing numbers of people either interested in or reverting to Islam in the western world. 'Bearing True Witness' provides a succinct overview of the faith as well as a road map to new Muslims, as they go about learning the day-to-day practices of the faith. Additionally, there is much in this balanced work that will be of benefit to those born into the faith. All in all, an excellent work, and priced most generously, especially in the digital format"

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